Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lifetime’s The Balancing Act Hosts Virtual World Computing

A product representative from technology firm Virtual World Computing will visit with the crew of Lifetime TV program The Balancing Act to speak about the process of protecting online privacy. This upcoming episode will feature the latest news in Internet security and educate viewers about unwanted spam on their personal and work computers.

The Balancing Act, a popular morning program currently in its sixth year on Lifetime TV, will present a special segment with Virtual World Computing that explains how their products can improve technology usage.

The central focus of this “Family Ties” segment is the brand-new Cocoon as introduced by Virtual World Computing. Cocoon, an all-in-one plug-in that makes all Internet activity private and virus-free, stores the user’s information in a secure cloud. By employing a simple, easy-to-use browser plug-in, Cocoon protects Internet security and online privacy while putting an end to spam. Cocoon accounts are free and can be accessed by signing up at

Virtual World Computing plans to inform the show’s viewers about this revolutionary device so that they feel more secure when accessing the Internet. The company representative will make a guest appearance during a future “Family Ties” segment to explain how protecting online privacy is so important in today’s tech-based world. For more information about all the products and services of Virtual World Computing, visit

The Balancing Act continues its mission to empower women in their everyday routines. The show strives to offer the modern woman tips and techniques that will improve their daily experience. By providing exceptional solutions to common problems, The Balancing Act is a trustworthy source of entertaining and educational content fit for the whole family. Airing on Lifetime Television weekday mornings at 7 a.m. (ET/PT), The Balancing Act also posts previously aired segments on their website at