Sunday, November 3, 2013

Acceptance Insurance to Be Featured on Future Episode of The Balancing Act

Hit television show The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television is currently planning an informative segment with the auto insurance company Acceptance Insurance. In order to educate viewers about auto insurance policies, Acceptance Insurance will provide a variety of easy and convenient tips when their episode airs during the winter of 2014.

Q: In what areas does Acceptance Insurance specialize?

The Balancing Act: Acceptance Insurance is widely known for assisting customers who are generally high risk for other companies, or customers who may have experienced a slight lapse in auto insurance owing to a variety of reasons. The forms of car insurance presented by Acceptance Insurance include teenager, senior liability, high risk, bad credit and more.

Q: What topics will be discussed on this episode?

The Balancing Act: The episode, titled “Automobile Insurance 101: Providing Peace of Mind & Protection,” will draw attention to important details that viewers should know about auto insurance. These particular issues include deductibles and uninsured motorist coverage.

Q: Where is Acceptance Insurance located?

The Balancing Act: Acceptance Insurance is based in Nashville, Tennessee, but the company’s impact runs much broader. The company now serves clients in 12 states, with more than 380 retail locations across the country. Acceptance Insurance offers automobile insurance for personal use as well as other related products tailored to fit individual needs.

Q: How will Acceptance Insurance benefit the audience?

The Balancing Act: Acceptance will encourage women to obtain the necessary knowledge about auto insurance while offering hope to women who believe they aren’t qualified to receive it.

Q: Where can consumers review Acceptance Insurance products?

The Balancing Act: To learn more about Acceptance Insurance and its line of products, visit, and look for more details on this future segment at