Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pilot Inks Spot on The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act recently spotlighted a back-to-school must, Pilot’s FriXion Clicker erasable gel ink pen.

According to The Balancing Act, Pilot helps take the stress out of homework by offering products that are fun and functional. For the 2013 school season, Pilot has released a revolutionary new writing instrument, FriXion Clicker.

The Balancing Act reports that FriXion offers users a smooth writing experience and the option to completely erase mistakes. Its retractable tip means it’s ready for action with just a single click. Remarkably, despite being an ink-based product, the FriXion erases completely and does not damage paper. Inside of the sleekly designed pen is thermo-sensitive ink that disappears from friction-induced heat. The Balancing Act notes that the pen is available in a rainbow of colors including purple, pink, turquoise, green, navy, red and the standards, black and blue.

With a fine 0.7 mm point, the FriXion is the perfect pen for homework, love notes, and doodles.

Pilot, explains The Balancing Act, has a nearly century-long history of developing writing instruments for each generation. Founded in 1918, the Pilot Corporation originally manufactured fine fountain pens for the academically elite. Notably, Pilot was the first manufacturer to introduce the capless—or vanishing point—ink pen with a retractable nib.

Today, The Balancing Act notes that Pilot produces some of the most popular writing implements in the world, including Dr. Grip, a gel cushioned pen that has been commended by the Arthritis Foundation for ease of use, and a Razor Point, a pen/marker hybrid developed to withstand even the most long-winded writer.

When Pilot Pens made its debut on The Balancing Act, viewers were offered a quick demonstration of the pen’s usefulness for both students and busy moms.

Pilot works diligently with consumers and market research professionals to ensure that the power of the written word doesn’t drown in the digital age. The company’s fundamental belief is that a handwritten note is a powerful tool of expression and lends emotion to communication that can’t be duplicated by modern typeset.

For more information visit powertothepen.com.